Summer Throwback Blanket – FREE Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern

The snuggle level of this Summer Throwback Blanket is off the charts! I put together Knit Picks Snuggle Puff Yarn, a cozy garter stitch, and bobbles to create a blanket that feels like a cloud and is perfectly lightweight for a summer baby. Read about my inspiration behind this design or scroll down for the Free Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern.

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Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern Inspiration.

If you’ve read my Rise Baby Mitts Free Knitting Pattern post, then you know one of my favorite things is to give handmade baby gifts to friends. One of our friends is due in June with a baby girl and I knew I wanted to knit her something as a gift.

If you also follow me on Instagram you know that I originally tried to knit a newborn sized Flax Light Sweater by Tin Can Knits and due to the fact that I didn’t check my gauge first, it turned out large enough to fit my almost 2-year-old. Whoops!

Instead of knitting another Flax Sweater I decided to create my own pattern and make a baby blanket for her instead. I really love how my Chunky Bobble Pillow turned out so I knew I wanted to incorporate bobbles somehow into the design. It wasn’t until I saw the colors of the Knit Picks Snuggle Puff yarn that the garter stripes idea came to life.

Snuggle Puff Yarn by Knit Picks

Once I knew I wanted to design a knit baby blanket, I went to the Knit Picks website to choose what yarn I wanted to use. I knew I wanted to use Knit Picks yarn because I love how they offer beautiful quality yarns at an affordable price. This is because they work directly with the mills that produce the yarn, cutting out the middle man when it comes to retail.

While I love my independent dyer yarns, the amount of yarn needed to make a blanket could be very expensive. In comes Knit Picks! The ability to offer a luxury hand-knit gift that was also affordable was exactly what I was looking for!

I also knew I wanted to try using cotton yarn for this blanket. The baby was due in June and a lightweight summer cotton baby blanket sounded best. While browsing through their website I came across the new Snuggle Puff line. This yarn had caught my eye in one of their recent catalogs due to the soft-looking nature of the yarn and the fact that it was made out of 70% cotton. Cotton is a great fiber to make baby items out of as it doesn’t cause an allergy and can be very gentle on the skin.

I also loved the soft color palette options. They are perfect for little ones. Oh and the other major plus… it’s machine washable! Which if you are a parent, you know that’s key in any baby item!

My Review of Knit Picks Snuggle Puff Yarn.

When my Knit Picks box of yarn came my 7 years old couldn’t wait to open it. She immediately grabbed the Snuggle Puff yarn and held it up to her face to feel how soft it was. She couldn’t stop snuggling and touching it! Just like they proclaim on the website, it really is that soft.

Knitting with Snuggle Puff Yarn.

This yarn has a very interesting feel to knit with. While wool yarn has more of a weight to it this yarn is so lofty it felt like knitting with a cotton ball. I guess technically it could be considered cotton ball yarn! It took a few rows to get the hang of how it felt in my hands and on the needles. While most of my stitches glided off my needles there were a few times where if I had too tight of tension it felt a little stickier.

The final verdict on Snuggle Puff Cotton Yarn.

Overall I would highly recommend this yarn for your baby knitting. The baby blanket ended up so soft and lightweight it will be perfect for summer. It is machine washable and only cost $36 to make with almost a full ball of yarn in each color leftover to make other things with. I’m considering making a little lovey toy too with the leftovers.

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Summer Throwback Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern.

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Find the full video tutorial for this pattern below.


  • Changing Colors – When you get to the garter stripes section you will be alternating your main color with 3 separate contrasting colors. Do not cut your main color yarn simply carry it up the side of your work. Each contrasting color will need to be cut and ends woven in at the end. You can speed up this process by weaving in your ends as you go. See the video tutorial for help with this.



Knit Picks Snuggle Puff – you can purchase this yarn on their website here.

  • 3 Balls – Main Color (Lamb)
  • 1 Ball – Contrasting Color 1 (Joey)
  • 1 Ball – Contrasting Color 2 (Chick)
  • 1 Ball – Contrasting Color 3 (Hatchling)

Or comparable Aran/Heavy Worsted weight yarn in the following yards/meters:

  • MC: 321 yd / 293.5 m
  • C1: 21 yd / 19m
  • C2: 21 yd / 19 m
  • C3: 21 yd / 19 m


US 10.5/ 6.5mm:  24″/60cm – 32″ / 81cm long circular needle. (These are the ones I use.)

This blanket is knit flat, however, the longer cord of a circular needle helps to make sure your stitches all fit and don’t fall off. Use the needle size you need to achieve gauge.

I can’t recommend the Knit Picks Intercheageable needles enough! Not only do you get a variety of needle sizes but you also have your choice of cord length. Having the set makes it easy to try different needles out to make sure you get gauge without having to purchase many different needle and cord combinations. You always have the needle size you need in your project bag ready to go.


Darning Needle, Scissors


26″ / 66cm Wide x 30″ / 76cm Tall


12 sts & 22 rows = 4”/10 cm

Measured over garter stitch using size US 10.5 needle.


B – Bobble Stitch – KFB twice (making 4 stitches from 1 stitch). Turn work. Slip 1 ST purlwise, P3. Turn work. Slip 2 STs knitwise, K2. With left needle, pass the 2nd ST on the right needle over the first, repeat twice until you have 1 ST left on your right needle.

CO – Cast on

CC(1, 2, 3) – Contrasting Color (1, 2, 3)

k – Knit

MC – Main Color

p – Purl

Rep – Repeat

RS – Right Side

sl – Slip stitch purl wise

st/s – Stitch/es

WS – Wrong Side



Using Main Color (MC), CO 80 sts using the long tail cast on. 

Row 1 (WS): Sl1, k across.

Row 2 (RS):  Sl1, k across.

Row 3: (WS)  Sl1, p across.

Rows 4 – 7:  Repeat rows 2 & 3, twice more.

Row 8: Sl1, k2, *B, k3; Rep from * to 1 st before the end, k1.

Row 9: Sl1, p across.

Row 10: Sl1, k across.

Rows 11 – 12: Repeat rows 9 & 10, once more.

Row 13: Sl1, p across.

Row 14: Sl1, *B, k3; Rep from * to the last 3 sts, B, k2.

Row 15: Sl1, p across.

Row 16: Sl1, k across.

Rows 17: Sl1, p across.


Using MC

Row 18 (RS): Sl1, k across.

Row 19 (WS): Sl1, k across.

Rows 20 – 21: Repeat rows 18 & 19, once more.

Row 22 [CC1, RS]: Sl1, join CC1. Using CC1, k across.

Row 23 [CC1, WS]: Sl1, k across. Cut CC1.

Row 24 [MC]: Using MC, Sl1, k across.

Rows 25 – 27 [MC]: Repeat row 24.

Row 28 [CC2, RS]: Sl1, join CC2, Using CC2, k across.

Row 29 [CC2, WS]: Sl1, k across. Cut CC2.

Row 30 [MC]: Using MC, Sl1, k across.

Rows 31 – 33 [MC]: repeat row 30.

Row 34 [CC3, RS]: Sl1, join CC3. Using CC3, k across.

Row 35 [CC3, WS]: Sl1, k across. Cut CC3.

Rows 36 – 125: Repeat rows 18 – 35, five times more for a total of 6 repeats.

Row 126 [MC, RS]: Using MC, Sl1, k across.

Rows 127 – 129: Repeat row 126.


Using Main Color

Row 130 (RS): Sl1, k across

Row 131 (WS): Sl1, p across.

Rows 132 – 133: Repeat rows 130 & 131, once more.

Row 134: Sl1, *B, k3; Rep from * to the last 3 sts, B, k2.

Row 135: Sl1, p across.

Row 136: Sl1, k across.

Rows 137 – 138: Repeat rows 135 & 136, once more.

Row 139: Sl1, p across.

Row 140: Sl1, k2, *B, k3; Rep from * to 1 st before the end, k1.

Row 141: Sl1, p across.

Row 142: Sl1, k across.

Rows 143 – 146: Repeats rows 141 & 142, twice more.

Row 147: Sl1, k across.

Cast off all sts.


Weave in ends and lightly spray block.

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