Festive Coffee Cozy – Free Knit Coffee Cozy Pattern

The perfect last minute gift knitting project or market booth item is the Festive Coffee Cozy. It knits up in less than 30 minutes and gives your coffee cup a dose of added style and function. This coffee cozy is both quick to knit and fun to use and is a free knit coffee cozy pattern right here on the blog.

It is certain to bring a smile to the face of whoever uses it! Scroll down for the full free knitting pattern or purchase the ad-free PDF here.

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How to Knit a Coffee Cozy

This pattern is quick, simple and great for beginner knitters. It’s even a nice way to practice knitting in the round. First you cast on your stitches and join them in the round. Next you knit 11 rounds either in one color or alternating stripes. Then you cast off your stitches and weave in any ends. Finally you add the duplicate stitch design.

What is a Coffee Cozy?

A coffee cozy is a reusable coffee cup sleeve that takes the place of the disposable cardboard. It keeps your hands from getting too hot or too cold when holding your hot or iced coffee cup/mug. This coffee cozy will also help collect any outside condensation from iced beverages.

What to do with a Knit Coffee Cup Sleeve.

I designed this pattern as a fun addition to my kid’s teacher Christmas gifts. Each year I like to knit my kid’s teachers a gift. This year the gift was a knit coffee cozy with a coffee shop gift card stuck inside.

If you want to give this knit coffee cozy year round simply skip the duplicate stitch design.

This pattern would also make a great addition to a market booth. It’s quick and uses up leftover scraps from other projects.

Find a printer-friendly PDF version of the Festive Coffee Cozy here in my Etsy shop. The PDF version includes the full ad-free pattern great for printing and putting in your project bag.

Keep scrolling for the FREE version of the Festive Coffee Cozy Knitting Pattern.

Best yarn for knit coffee cozy

For this pattern I chose super bulky yarn as it’s quick to knit and makes a nice thick sleeve. I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick because I already had the perfect holiday colors in my stash. You can find this yarn on their website here, or on Amazon here. The colors I used are Fisherman, Cranberry, and Grass.

Other Super Bulky Yarns I recommend:

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Festive Coffee Cozy – FREE Knit Coffee Cozy Pattern


The Festive Coffee Cozy was designed as a quick last minute holiday gift or market booth addition. It’s perfect for slipping a gift card to your favorite coffee shop inside. Use up scraps of super bulky yarn and have fun with different duplicate stitch designs to create unique patterns. This cozy is knit in the round from the bottom up.

Note: Duplicate Stitch

The pattern features multiple duplicate stitch designs that can be added to the cozy. Step by step photos are shown below.

Note: Coffee Cup Printable

The ad-free pattern copy includes a free coffee cup printable page. This can be printed on card-stock paper and then inserted into your cozy. Add a personal message or shop branding for gift giving or selling at markets. Find the ad-free low cost PDF here.



Super Bulky Yarn: 10 yds / 9 m (Plus 24″ additional yarn for duplicate stitch design)



Finished Measurements:

Approx 4.5” / 11.5 cm wide x 3” / 7.5 cm tall


9 sts and 14 rnds = 4″ / 10 cm in stockinette stitch in the round.


CO – Cast on

DPNs – Double Pointed Needles

k – Knit

p – Purl

PM– Place Marker

Rep – Repeat

st/s – Stitch/es

Festive Coffee Cozy Knitting Pattern Directions

CO 20 sts, PM and join in-the-round being careful not to twist your sts.


Knit 11 rnds. (For stripes alternate colors each rnd)

Cast-off all sts.


Cut yarn. Weave in all ends and block if desired. (I like to steam block super bulky yarn so that it doesn’t get too water logged and stretched out.)

How to do a Duplicate Stitch

To start, you will need a tapestry needle & a piece of yarn about 24” in length.

Refer to the charts after the tutorial photos below. Starting at the bottom of the chart, work back and forth in rows creating a duplicate stitch for each V shown on the chart. (Example photos below are using the tree chart)

Step 1

Thread yarn up through bottom of center most stitch on bottom row. Leave a 4″ “tail” inside cozy.

Step 2

Thread needle through both “legs”  of the stitch above the stitch being duplicated.

Step 3

Pull the yarn through carefully to line up the stitch. Then thread the yarn back through the starting hole.

Step 4

Carefully pull the yarn to overlap the original stitch. Not too tight, not too loose.

Duplicate Stitch Charts

Now you have a quick and easy free colorwork knit coffee cozy pattern! Check out more of my FREE knitting patterns on the blog HERE.

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