Modern Holiday Gift Tags – Free Printable

Are you looking to add some whimsical cheer to your holiday gift wrapping? Look no further than my free printable modern holiday gift tags!

Simply click the download button below to get these 8 different gift tags sent directly to your inbox. Then print as many copies as you wish onto card stock or your paper of choice. Cut them out along the outside of the black border and punch a hole at the top. Attach to your gift with yarn or string and write your message on the back.

Now you have a quick and easy way to upgrade your gift wrap this holiday season!

Find more FREE Printables HERE on the blog!

Add these tags to your handmade gifts

Now if you want to take it a step further, you can knit a handmade gift to go with your free printable modern holiday gift tags! I have an entire section on the blog of Quick Knit in a Day Projects that are perfect for holiday gift giving. You can check them out here:

Free Knit in a Day Projects

More modern ways to spruce up your holiday gift wrapping.

I’m loving the trend of wrapping gifts in either white paper or brown grocery bags. Then adding some form of natural element like a piece of a spruce tree or berries. Instead of purchasing wrapping paper or gift bags see how you can get creative with the items you have around the house. Not only will this show off your creativity but it’s also more sustainable.

Let me know some other ways you like to dress up holiday gift giving in the comments!

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